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Our new website is almost done. Been working diligently to get it set up so it is easy to use and showcases our products to you well. We are so excited to have the new site and be able to do so many more fun things on the site We are still learning so please be patient with us. We are on our learning curve right now. We are a custom pet shop and can do most anything you would like. We will be adding more and more products over the next couple of weeks so please keep coming back. We will have a clearance section soon. We will be updating inventory getting ready for spring. Lots of deals coming your way. As you can see, Jill is exhausted from all this work. She loves her Dogn'i Leave Me Alone Bed. That is just what we do when she get into her bed...we leave her alone. Happy Sunday everyone, please stay tuned, visit often and let us know if you encounter any issues with the new site!

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