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Article by Aurora James of DogEtiquette

Products and Habits to Up Your Pup’s Quality of Life

There’s something about welcoming a pet into your family and home that fills your life with joy and peace. It’s their unconditional loyalty, simplicity, and love that can make every day worthwhile. With a companion as wonderful as your K9, you’ll definitely want to give them the best life possible. So, show your pup a little TLC by researching some of the best products and habits that will enrich their lives for many years to come.The Bed That Is Just RightJust like every other member of your household, your dog needs a bed to lounge in and call their own. Not all dog beds are created equal, so search for a quality comfortable bed that is suitable for your dog’s body type. Pet Life Today explains that larger or older dogs could benefit from orthopedic beds. On the other hand, little dogs could benefit from self-warming beds.

A Tale of Multiple Collars

All collars are not suitable for every dog and are not for every purpose. The type of collar you need will depend on whether you have a large dog, a small dog, a dog who pulls, a puppy, a dog who swims, or a pup in training. Research different options, not only considering the style and material but also the design and purpose. If you want to use a harness for walks or training purposes, opt for a stylish and fun collar from Dogn’i, where human and canine fashion collide. A Second Coat ..Just like you, your dog is impacted by temperature. Especially if they are a short-haired breed, small in stature, older in age, a puppy, or battling a medical condition, they could benefit from additional warmth. To keep your dog warm, consider getting them sweaters, jackets or capes that offer great quality and style, which can also be found on things to consider in choosing the right outerwear are:●  Your dog’s mobility●  Not being too snug or too loose●  Where the fasteners are located●  Weight of the coat●  Temperature and water resistanceDog bowls are a very practical item to go all out on because your K9 will use them multiple times a day. There are hundreds of dog bowls on the market, but not all of them will be best for your lovable pal, so evaluate their needs. If they eat quickly and forget to chew, then a slow-feed bowl could be beneficial. Larger breeds and seniors could benefit from elevated bowls. Health and WellnessYou can’t give your dog a luxurious life without making sure they are healthy. After all, you want them to feel good and stick around for as long as possible! Make sure your pup is eating high- quality food that contains the nutrients they need. Since dogs are carnivores, meat is the most beneficial ingredient they can eat. However, keep in mind that vegetables, fruits, and grains also provide much-needed minerals, vitamins, and fiber. Therefore, look for a dog food that has a good balance of these ingredients.Lastly, your dog needs exercise to be healthy and happy. Take your pooch to the park as much as you can (daily is ideal). Go for walks around the neighborhood. Play in the backyard. Being active outside comes with lots of benefits for dogs. Plus, you get to stay fit, too!Your pup is a part of the family, so shouldn’t they be treated as such? Research the various beds, collars, outerwear, and other items that could bring your dog’s lifestyle to the next level. Also, help them maintain their health and wellness by providing them with high-quality food and regular exercise. Most importantly, give your pup lots of hugs and kisses on the reg!

Aurora James believes there are no bad dogs. She created to share her dog training tips and advice to dog owners everywhere. She is 47 years old, living in Dallas, Texas. Aurora enjoys teaching dogs the etiquette to be a "good dog" wherever they go.

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