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About Dogn'i

As a dog owner for many years, I was disappointed in the options for warm jackets for my dogs.  They were all off-the-rack sizes.  Dog owners know there are not many dogs who can wear off-the-rack jackets.  Our shelter, rescue and designer dogs all come with unique sizes and shapes.  As they spend time with your family, sometimes those table scraps the kids share, create a whole new size that needs a little expansion from the norm.  This is how my business was created.  For dogs who don't fit the normal size or just wanted a custom fit, just for them.  My first jacket was for my chihuahua/min pin mix.  Long skinny legs, short neck, long body with a little extra in the chest.  Then my golden retriever...well, he wasn't the slimmest of dogs thanks to my two young sons.  I know, he really did not need a jacket, but it was nice when he came in from the deep Maine snow and I could pull off his jacket and he was dry and ready for the couch.

My friends and neighbors would comment on how nice the jackets looked.  They started bringing their dogs over so I could measure them and make a custom jacket. One of the comments I would hear over and over "He/She loves the jacket.  They can run, jump and play without it binding up."  We all know how that feels, right?  Within a year, I was receiving request for jackets from friends of friends and it started to grow.

At that time, I decided to start a small business in my home in Newburgh, Maine.  As summer arrived, the need for fleece jackets dropped. I created a special pattern for dog bandanas and started making fun, colorful bandanas along with collars and leashes.

As the business grew, I joined the online shopping world.  I created a website allowing more customer to see and order products.  I have expanded by providing custom embroidery for leashes, collars, bandanas and Jackets.  We have added flip flops for owners to coordinate with their dogs leash and collar.

Enjoy our website and please contact me if you are looking for something special for your dog.  You will be surprised at what I can create for you!

Cynthia Rollins


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