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Refund Policy

We take great pride in the quality and construction of our products.  We  are confident you and  your dog will enjoy our collections for a  long time.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase due to  fit or style, you  must  return with  15 days of purchase at your expense.

If  a product  fails in the first 3 months of purchase due to parts  or workmanship, we will replace with the same products after receiving it back for inspection.  We  need to know why the product failed.

CUSTOM ORDER - We cannot offer a refund on any custom order.  If the product fails,  we will work  with you to provide a solution.

We do require proof of purchase, credit card receipt, copy of order or any other proof that the items was purchased from Dogn'i.  

No  refund  or exchanges for products damaged by accident, such as "the dog chewing it up". Please remember to  keep your dog safe and  keep items that they should not be chewing out of their sight.  

No refunds issued for products damaged by fire flood or other natural disasters.  

No refunds for products showing excessive wear and tear.

We do want  happy, satisfied customers.  We will inspect all items prior to shipping to ensure your enjoyment. 

 Shih Tzu with Toys
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