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Style and Fashion for your Dog!

DOGN'I COLLARS are made from the highest quality poly or nylon webbing.  They are designed not only for your dogs to look great but also to stay safe.  When you are walking your dog with a Dogn'i collar and lead, you can feel sure that the quality is there to protect your dog.  We have relationships with the top manufacturers of webbing, robes and hardware.  For that reason, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our products for workmanship and hardware malfunction.  We do not cover chewing or destroying of a collar as we feel that dogs need to be trained to avoid this type of mishap.

Our collars are not only made for safety, but also with fashion trends in mind.  We watch the fashion collections from top designers around the world and use similar colors for the upcoming season.  This way, your dog is always in style!  Cynthia travels frequently to Boston and New York searching for interesting designs and patterns.  You can never go wrong with a Dogn'i collar!


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