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Do you have a pet that gets tired easily?  Has problems walking for long distances, but you don't want to leave them behind?  We have a fashionable way to carry them.  These pet carrying bags have a pocket on the back, close to your body to put your leash,  cell phone, cash or wallet in.  The coordinating attached key fob keeps your keys easy to reach when the walk is done.  Walk hands free and enjoy your time with your best friend.  Bag is lined with coordinating fabric.  We recommend these bags for dogs less than 20 pounds for your comfort and theirs.  The back strap hooks around your waist to keep the bag in place and allowing you to bend over without having the bag move.  Keep them safe and sound in out dog carrying bag.  

Pet Carrying Bag

  • Heavy duty fabrics with stylist prints

    Adjustable keeper to keep your dog in the bag safely

    Pocket for your personal items

    Key Fob for easy access to keys

    Made in Maine, USA

    Machine washable in garmet bag

    Just plain fun for both of you!


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