Amazing Story…So happy to be part of this reunion

This afternoon, we received a call from a lady in southern Maine. She had found a lost dog who had no tags or ID. However, that lucky dog as wearing a Dogn'i Collar. The lady googled us, found us, called us to see if we had any records on the collars that were purchased…AND, we did. She sent us a photo of the collar on her cell phone, I looked up the style and located buyers in that area…and can you believe it…we found the owners and called them. Another reason to own a limited edition Dogn'i collar. Our online customer records are kept for 10 years. What a nice story to be a part of.

We did ask for a photo, but the story gets more interesting.  The lady that owns the dog is in a shelter right now from domestic abuse so cannot share photos with us at this time.  Maybe later when all the issues have been resolved.  This made us even happier that she was reunited with her dog, her best friend!